Sunday, 17 August 2014

I like Chinese

So you may have guessed I love Chinese food. When I fly to the mainland or hop to Guernsey or Jersey it is difficult as I want to try every new restaurant  but always hanker for a fantastic Chinese extravaganza , a rather greedy feast I am afraid. I remember a delicious crispy, chilli beef in Oakham, Rutland served in a deep fried potato nest, from nearly fifteen years ago, so I cannot guaranty that even the restaurant exists now, just a fabulous memory. Moist, flavoursome steamed scallop wantons and dumplings from Hakkasan in Hanway Place, London and an awesome crab with ginger and scallions !! ( spring onions fellow English readers ) in East Harbor, New York, with a mind blowing Chinese and Japanese menu.  All in all it is rather sad that I have yet to got to China but it is on my list to do, perhaps one day.

What I have done was an inspiring course in London, equipped myself with numerous books, woks, steamers and ingredients from quaint little Asian speciality suppliers and set to work as only a chef can and chopped, pounded, crushed, fried and ate my way through the Chinese canon. Cantonese, Shandong, Hunan and spicy Szechaun with noodles, rice, black beans, bok choi and lots of seasoning garlic, chilli, cloves and ginger, and wonderfully pungent star anise. All in all giving my little local take away a bit of a run for his money what do you think?

Beef in Black Bean Sauce, Braised Lamb with Onion and Ginger

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Perfect Pancakes

Cookies in Use
Everyone loves pancakes. Well don't they ? We all adore pancakes and hardly a week goes by without a batch being mixed up in our little kitchen. Lilly aged three and a half, now knows that eggs, milk and flour mean batter and she can make a mean pancake mix for daddy to cook. Just remember to get the clarified butter bubbling in your skillet or pan and you'll soon get the hang of just covering the bottom quickly with batter and whipping up a plateful of perfect pancakes.

Really Good Pancakes     for 8 pancakes

1 egg and one egg yolk
About ½ pint milk
4oz plain flour
1 tlbsp melted butter
a small pinch of salt
clarified butter

Place a large mixing bowl on a damp cloth to stop it slipping and moving . Sift in the flour and salt into a. Whisk in the egg and egg yolk and mix in the milk, pouring it in a slow, constant stream. When it has achieved the consistency of thin cream, stop adding any more milk and whisk in the butter.
Brush a hot non-stick frying pan with clarified butter. Using a ladle add a little batter to the pan whilst gently twisting the pan to swirl the batter in a thin coating across the pan surface. Cook for about two minutes then flip over. Cook for a further minute until crisp and golden brown, transfer to a warm plate and serve.